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"Celine Gietzen has given weekly group cello lessons to the middle school students in my beginning strings class for the past 11 years. I have found her to be easy to work with, and her students are always among the best in my classes. Her cello students have strong technique and progress quickly. They also comment that they enjoy studying with her. I recommend her first for cello lessons."

"Celine Gietzen is that rare combination of highly accomplished performer and sensitive, experienced teacher. I've seen her bring the same intensity of dedication and work ethic to teaching her students that she did earning her Master's degree at UCLA. This is an unbeatable combination!"

"My daughter's cello skills have flourished under Celine's wings. Celine's professional expertise, nurturing and encouraging style, and attention to detail have greatly increased my daughter's technical skills and overall performance. She looks forward to her weekly lessons and loves playing the cello more and more. We travel from Ventura to Celine's place in Camarillo and it's definitely worth the drive. I highly recommend Celine, she is a talented cellist and teacher."

"We've had Celine as our children's cello teacher for the past 6 years. Our son started in 6th grade and made tremendous progress with her. He has continued playing into High School (he now plays the bass). Our daughter, who started taking music lessons for the first time 3 years ago (in 6th grade) has grown so much that she has been accepted into the advanced orchestra for her freshman year in High School! We live in Agoura and it's a bit of a drive, but totally worth it! Celine is not only a wonderful musician, she is patient, positive and just an amazing teacher!"

"Celine is a rare combination of excellence, enthusiasm and contagious positivity! Her calm and focused approach to teaching has impressed us. After each lesson our daughter emerges cheerful and enthusiastic, ready to challenge herself with the goals Celine sets with her.
"Our daughter has taken cello lessons from Celine for 6 years throughout her middle and high school years. Prior to the cello, she played the violin however an accident prevented her from continuing her studies. It was a difficult and traumatic time however the lessons with Celine proved to be invaluable. With Celine's kindness and encouragement our daughter was able to achieve impressive results with a new instrument.
"Celine truly has a rare gift and I would recommend her to any student who is interested in learning the cello."

"My two daughters have been studying with Celine Gietzen for just over a year. In that short amount of time, there has been steady, noticeable progress. Celine is that rare teacher who is able to provide both nurturing support and the challenge of rigorous expectations. Though I was initially hesitant to commit to driving to Camarillo every week, I soon found that the effort was more than worth it. I highly recommend Celine as a cello teacher."

"Celine is one of those rare individuals whom even my teenager loved being with. She was fun loving and genuine in her support and encouragement, all the while holding high standards of excellence as a musician for her students. My daughter deeply respects Celine, and is honored to feel comfortable and competent in her presence."

"Playing with Celine Gietzen has been one of the most richly rewarding collaborations of my life: she is a formidable player, an intelligent and committed musician, and a worthy comrade-in-arms with which to tackle the most difficult, most important, and certainly the most beloved activity in my life: making music. Moreover, the degree of excellence she has personally achieved does not often come together with the kindness, humor, and sensitivity that I have observed in her teaching. She is the kind of teacher I would have liked to have had when I was a kid, and the kind of teacher I would like to become."

"I have nothing but fond memories of Celine's enthusiastic attitude and encouraging teaching style. A teacher myself, I now recognize her professionalism and reliability."

"Our family has been fortunate enough to have had Celine Gietzen teach our three children piano, violin, and cello. Her caring and fun approach to teaching has enriched our children to truly love music. A wonderful investment of not just money but time as we commute from Ventura to Camarillo, well worth it! Going on six years now, we are fans!"

"I have been taking cello lessons from Celine for approximately 3 years. I started the cello in my sixties and was very nervous about finding a teacher. Working with Celine has just been a wonderful supportive experience. She has unending patience and a special way of helping one really understand musical concepts and techniques. I love working with her, and because of her, I love playing my cello even more than I thought possible when I first began. I look forward to each and every lesson, and to having her as my teacher for years to come!"

"It was difficult being an adult beginner and having no connection into any orchestra or group to help me figure out what I was doing. Celine helped me form a solid set of fundamental techniques, drills, and methods which I was able to carry into my orchestra performance. She was encouraging when I could have been doing more, and understanding and patient when I was doing all that I could. She created a good balance between instrument-specific instruction and music theory. I witnessed her ability to shape her lessons around each student's strengths and abilities, whether they were children or adults. I recommend Celine for students of any age at any skill level."

"Celine is an excellent teacher who demonstrated patience with firmness in expecting my best. She was very flexible when I needed to make schedule adjustments, and flexible also in working with me on music for the chamber orchestra I play with. I heartily recommend her!"

"Having known Celine for over 5 years, I have seen her work brilliantly in the area of professional cellist and musician, organizer and concert director, as well as in the area of human relations. She is intuitively kind and encouraging, and has a natural ability to support others in their strengths and underdeveloped areas! She is a very gifted mentor."

"I've known Celine Gietzen for many years through the Music Teachers' Assoc. of California. I know first hand that she is a gifted performer and knowledgeable teacher. As a pianist myself, I've played piano-cello duets with her. I've also worked with her in many programs of our organization. She's cheerful, upbeat, and always fun to be with."

"I first met Celine when she came into my 6th grade orchestra class. After meeting her she became my private cello instructor until I went off to college. Celine has been so much more than a teacher to me. She has become a friend. My experience with Celine was wonderful. She taught me how to play and how to read/hear music. She worked on my orchestra material and gave me material/homework in my lessons. Celine prepared me for all my auditions which helped me land a music scholarship to Pepperdine University. She is a gifted musician, an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. I studied with Celine weekly from 1998 - 2005 and seeing her always brightened my day. No student could do better than Celine Gietzen."

"I have known Celine for many years, and she is one of the finest professional cellists I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Her strong, passionate playing combined with the finest musicianship and tenderness leave me speechless at every performance. As a teacher, I have seen Celine share that tenderness and passion with her students, creating a desire in them to want to succeed due to their wonderful bond with their teacher. As a professional performer and teacher myself, I applaud Celine for creating such excellence in her students, both young and mature."

"I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found Celine Gietzen. She has been an amazing teacher in so many ways. She is patient, kind, caring and professional. I have seen so much growth and poise in the girl that I mentor as a result of Celine's influence. Celine is a fabulous cello teacher, and a beautiful person."

"Celine Gietzen is one of the finest cellists in the area. She is a highly sought-after chamber music artist and orchestral musician. I have personally played and performed with her many times and I have always been impressed with her musicianship and her professionalism.
"Celine is an experienced teacher, and always gives 100% to her students, offering a high-quality music education as well as personal encouragement and support. She is fun to work with and inspires and motivates her students. I can think of no better teacher for any student who wants to learn to play the cello or improve their musical skills."

"Celine is genuine, sincere, firm and flexible in her teaching. I am an adult student with limited talent and no rhythm. She is able to teach me the fundamentals. With her persistence and innovation in teaching, I have achieved 200% more than I expected. Taking lessons with her enriches my life. Last but not least, her biggest shortcoming is her modesty to recognize how good she is at both performing and teaching. Unusual!"

"I have known Celine for over 12 years. She is a great professional teacher. She eagerly studied and performed well enough that she earned a Master of Music degree from UCLA.
"She can relate to any student, whether they are a beginning student or an advanced student. Her personality is excellent, and it is another trait she has for being a top teacher. She has a winning way with teaching students of all ages, from children to adults. Overall I can rate her at the top of professional teachers. I can recommend her 100%."

"I have coordinated with Celine for a number of student performances and have always found her to be accommodating. I have also seen great work come out of her students and they seem very dedicated to her studio."

"We were referred to Celine by my daughter's orchestra teacher at school. He said the results he sees with his students who take lessons with Celine are consistently excellent. I was initially reluctant because the drive was long for us. However, instantly, we knew it was worth it. Celine is very nice and fun and nurturing. My daughter connected with her right away and she progressed very well under her instruction. She also prepared my daughter well for all recitals and Certificate of Merit testing. And, with Celine's support, my daughter was very successful with her orchestra and ensemble music at school. She was very easy and flexible about scheduling which I really needed and appreciated."