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Studio Policy

  1. Tuition & Fees:

    Monthly Tuition: 30 min. ~ 45 min. ~ 60 min. [Inquire for current rates]

    Late Payment Fee: $10 ~ Returned Check Fee: $20 ~ Materials Deposit: $100

  2. Payments:

    Payment is due the first week of the month for the upcoming month of lessons. The late fee is charged if payments are not received by the 10th of the month. Lesson tuition is based on a twelve-month cycle of weekly lessons. No more than one month per year may be skipped (with no tuition due). No lessons are scheduled during three weeks out of the year; see the studio calendar for these studio holiday dates. These breaks do not affect the monthly tuition. A discount is offered to students who take two lessons per week during the summer.

    For cancelled lessons, a make-up class is offered twice per month. I appreciate the consideration of giving 24 hours notice for a missed lesson; no-shows are not eligible for a make-up class. For planning purposes, I require that you notify me in advance if you plan to attend class. There is no limit to how many make-up classes you may attend per year. If I cancel the lesson, a private make-up lesson will be offered.

  3. Deposit for Materials & Festivals:

    I provide sheet music and accessories for your convenience and to ensure that you have the editions I prefer. In September, I collect a $100 materials deposit which will be used to pay for music and for application fees relating to festivals, evaluations, and recitals. When the $100 is exhausted, I will ask for an additional payment. If you discontinue lessons, I will refund the balance.

  4. Studio Programs:

    An annual studio calendar is available, as well as a description of programs. Recitals and festivals are optional but highly recommended. Participation often means committing to the date months in advance; please don’t agree to participate unless you can make that commitment. I reserve the right to use your pictorial image, likeness, and performances on my website for promotional purposes. Notify me if you would like your name omitted.

  5. Practicing & Parental Involvement:

    Students must have the time and workspace set aside for daily practicing. It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor practice habits. It is helpful for the parent to observe the lesson at least once per month, especially for young students. It can also be helpful for the student to have some lessons by themselves without the parent present.

  6. Auditions:

    As my student, you represent my teaching. If you plan to play in public or for an audition, tell me in advance so we can prepare properly and choose the appropriate material. If you are interested in finding a different teacher, please let me know so I can prepare you to audition and recommend one of my colleagues based on your individual needs and abilities.

  7. General:

    You can enter without knocking when you hear another lesson going on. Pick up your child promptly, and please don’t honk the horn. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns so I can do my best to help you succeed in your study of music.